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Candid photography: In the case of candid pictures, the person being clicked is not aware of the same. The photographer clicks similar pictures from different angles. They capture people in the most natural and raw form without them noticing it. The main focus is just on the person being clicked, usually, the people in the background are blurred. Traditional photography: In traditionally photography people are instructed or guided to pose in a certain manner before they are clicked. Wedding movies or films are in trend these days and they are small videos that comprise of the highlights of all the wedding ceremonies.

No more hour long and boring videos

The photographer stands in one place and goes on clicking different pictures and full focus is on the people being clicked as well as the people in their background. Pre-wedding photoshoots: Pre-wedding shoots are a popular trend these days, the bride and the groom go for these shoots a few months before the wedding. It is a plus point if you have hired the same photographer for your wedding as it helps you to bond with the photographer and also get an idea about their work style. The couples and the cinematographer in today's times are really experimenting with the themes for the shoot. Wedding films: Gone are the days when the videographer shot and produced hour long and boring videos.

Inspiring ideas

Various short bits of all the ceremonies are shot, messages by the couple or friends and family are recorded by the cinematographer and then all of it is combined and given background music to get the final video. Photobooths: Having photobooths at your wedding functions adds a fun element to the decor and is also a great backdrop for the pictures. You can have an elaborate setup or just a simple DIY and some props for the same. You can find many inspiring ideas for it on the WedMeGood for the same.


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